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About the author

Laura ‘Reni’ Renfrew is a comic artist from Melbourne, Australia though as of 2016 she lives in Lincoln, UK. She has previously been a resident artist at Squishface Studio and got her start in comics on EnterVOID.

Laura makes Tomorrow’s Misadventure in her spare time around full-time work and spending time playing games with her best friend and husband, James Garwood, who created the character of Tyr.

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About the comic

Tomorrow’s Misadventure is a fantasy story about a half-elf called Mordred and a human called Tyr who are on an important journey through the world of Deskald.

The characters of Mordred and Tyr were made for a friend’s Pathfinder game in 2017, with Mordred being author Laura Renfrew’s character, and Tyr created by her later-to-be-husband, James Garwood.

Mordred and Tyr have featured in a few other comic adventures which can be found on Laura’s various social media pages. Note that these comics are not considered ‘canon’ to Tomorrow’s Misadventure, which is its own contained story.